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It is my philosophy that there is no “real yoga”, “right yoga” or “wrong yoga”.  There is however a spiritual practice that is individual, and that has the same goal as any other spiritual practice  which is to raise the consciousness of the practitioner and to help them discover and connect with  themselves. My classes are strength-building with emphasis on breath and body awareness. Through the practice of yoga, one can step into living in kindness and harmony of body, mind and spirit.

To yolk or merge. Yoga is the practice of determining who you are and who you want to be. It helps one to discover the nature of their being and through the practice of asana, helps them to transform the very fundamentals of their existence. It is the practice of changing what in life has made youwho you are into who you want to be. Those who have researched yoga’s affect on the brain have found that the activity of the brain, its chemistry even one’s genetic make up can be changed through the practice of asana. If you find full expression through an activity such as yoga, you will be transformed. When we put the most pure expressions of ourselves into our yoga practice, we acknowledge who we are and this can change the shape of who we become.

Currently teaching at

Shaktibarre 449 Keap Street @shaktibarre
Sundays 3pm
Mondays 9:15am + 11am
Wednesdays 9:15am
Thursdays 9:15am + 11am + 12:30pm

HealHaus  1082 Fulton Street @healhaus
Wednesdays 6:15pm Advanced Power Flow Vinyasa