Lottery Singapore – How to Win Big in Singapore

Lottery Singapore

There are three main lottery games in Singapore, including 4D, Toto and Singapore Sweep. Players can purchase tickets online and from authorised outlets.

Getting your numbers right is vital to maximizing your chances of winning big prizes. The Lottery Singapore website allows you to sign up for email alerts and check results in real-time. It also provides a detailed breakdown of all games and prize payouts.

The Easing of Covid-19 Curbs Drives Large Sums to Bet on 4-D, Toto and Sports

Singaporeans placed a record amount in bets on lotteries like 4-D and Toto as well as sports bets such as football in the last financial year. This was a 40% increase from the previous year.

The Tote Board, which governs lottery operator Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club, said the easing of Covid-19 restrictions has led to a “dramatic surge” in the amount of bets on these games. In the 2021/22 financial year, the sums bet on these games increased to $9.2 billion – a 40% increase over the previous year’s $6.6 billion.

Migrant Worker Wins $1 Million in Lottery

A migrant worker from India has become a millionaire after winning the S$1 million jackpot at Singapore Pools on September 12. He told the media that he had been working at a construction site since June 2015 and had won the cash through a lottery ticket.

He reportedly sent some of the money back to his employer, but intended to keep the rest and use it for other purposes. The worker is the latest in a long line of lottery winners to come from this country.