Currently teaching at

Urban Asanas 843 Sterling Place 2nd Floor

Third Root Community Health Center 380 Marlborough Road @thirdrootclinic

Shaktibarre 449 Keap Street @shaktibarre


I offer private and semi-private classes (up to 4 people) in Boerum Hill Brooklyn.  Contact me to book a session

Private Session   1 hr.     $90 for 1 hour session; $340 for first four sessions

Couples Session 1 hr.     $35/person

Extended Yoga + Guided Meditation and Pranayam  Private  1 hr. 30min   $135



“After attending one of Regina’s yoga classes, which she’d thoughtfully tailored and delivered, I booked an Ayurvedic appointment. Regina listened attentively and was extremely knowledgeable. I gained some important ‘a-ha’ insights in our dialogue, and her practical recommendations were designed to work with my lifestyle. Helpfully, a session summary arrived by email. After adpoting the supplements / suggestions I felt most drawn to (along with a healthy lifestyle), within a few months, the issue I’d consulted Regina about had resolved (confirmed by medical tests). I’m delighted. Regina was a real ally in the process and I’d definitely consult her again if required. Thank you!”  -Kate T.

“Thank you Regina, for one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken in more than a decade of practicing.” -Lauren C.

” I came for the gentle yoga class on a day threatening rain, and I was the only student who showed up. Regina agreed to stay with me and lead me in some much-needed stretching for about half an hour. I felt amazing afterwards and so grateful for her consideration.” – Paige K.


It is my philosophy that there is no “real yoga”, “right yoga” or “wrong yoga”.  There is however a spiritual practice that is individual, and that has the same goal as any other spiritual practice  which is to raise the consciousness of the practitioner and to help them discover and be the best version of themselves. I strive for my students to be the unique, beautiful people that they are while living in kindness, harmony of body, mind and spirit and to serve others in loving kindness.

To yolk or merge. Yoga is the practice of determining who you are and who you want to be. It helps one to discover the nature of their being and through the practice of asana, helps them to transform the very fundamentals of their existence. It is the practice of changing what in life has made you who you are into who you want to be. Those who have researched yoga’s affect on the brain have found that the activity of the brain, its chemistry even one’s genetic make up can be changed through the practice of asana. If you find full expression through an activity such as yoga, you will be transformed. When we put the most pure expressions of ourselves into our yoga practice, we acknowledge who we are and this can change the shape of who we become.